Tradition, passion & innovation.

Fontauto has acquired a new look and become New Fontauto! A leader in the armoured vehicle industry for over a century, the company has created innovative, state-of-the-art security applications. After a radical change which has affected the entire company, New Fontauto has decided to expand its business range, developing new partnerships with the major global manufacturers of ballistic materials. Laminated glass, special steels, highly-resistant ceramics and finally fabrics suitable for every application.


In its operational structure of 11,000 square metres, New Fontauto is made up of highly-qualified and professional technical staff, able to use latest-generation software for 3D design, to survey surfaces with anthropomorphic arms equipped with laser scanners and much more besides. Inside it analyses the best materials to create comfortable but highly-safe bulletproof clothing. In fact, security is our priority, if not the “first” priority. It is precisely for this reason that we perform ballistic tests with prototypes on each of our products, in order to detect the speed of the projectiles and the response of our products.


Whether it’s a garment or a vehicle is irrelevant; everything will be carried out with unique features worldwide. Our focal point is customer satisfaction, which is also expanded thanks to an important assistance service. Rapidity, efficiency and attention to detail are the qualities which we want to carry on with consistency and dedication in order to meet the needs of our customers on every occasion.


New Fontauto is therefore able to satisfy your application in the safety sector in an excellent way: armour-plating of cars, armour-plating of industrial vehicles for the transport of valuables while respecting the specific regulations for vehicle use in each country, preparation and armour-plating of special vehicles for the transport of troops, of antiterrorism teams and for moving prisoners, armour-plating of light military vehicles, detachable armour-plating kit for heavy military vehicles, antimissile covers and even containers and special Shelters for every need with regard to deployment on the ground, without forgetting that a special department will stay in contact with you to satisfy all of your “private” demands for peace and quiet with absolute discretion.

Vehicles and clothing for special units but also for all those who want to feel completely safe… because your safety… is our priority!