What are armored cars?

For prominent figures such as entrepreneurs, politicians, officials, ministers, having a safe vehicle with which to move is essential. These are highly efficient armored cars efficient both in case of an accident that of deliberate attack. They take the name of Armored, or Security Guard and apparently, they look like vehicles identical to the models already on the market. However, these vehicles are reinforced, under the body, by laminated glass, special steels, high-strength ceramics and textiles to meet every need. Before going into the construction details it is good to clarify what “level of protection” means. All producers of civilian vehicles for the transport of people or military generally refer to the NATO tables. The most used levels range from B4, a light but safe armor against different types of gun and bomb weapons, to the B6the most widespread that must resist in all points, to repeated blows of Kalashnikov AK-47 with 7.62mm bullets as well as various kinds of explosives.


The characteristics of our armored cars


With the evolution of technology, even the materials used for the construction of armored cars have evolved. Even the construction steels undergo various series of deformations to maximize the point of resistance to elongation before the break, and consequently the resistance to the penetration of the projectiles.

The ability to absorb the blow in fact depends on the material’s ability to dissipate the kinetic energy of the projectile, usually deforming itself. The windscreens are a possible weak point of the armored vehicle.

However, the multilayer technology has made them very difficult to penetrate, in fact according to the protection classes can be inserted from 3 up to 5 layers of glass with intermediate plastic films. More than the multilayer conformation, intermediate plastic films play a fundamental role, able to distribute the impact of the blunt instrument on several surfaces. The driving dynamics must be adapted to cars that must quickly move away from hostile environments. On a high-end sedan a complete armor can almost double the weight of a vehicle that is generally around 2 tons, so it is logical to think that drivability is no longer the same as a normal car. Reducing all this mass, trying to maintain the same level of protection, forces reinforcements to be inserted in the structural joints of the body and additional materials for energy dissipation in the zones with programmed deformation.


Choose to buy your new armored car with Nuova Fontauto


Nuova Fontauto is able to satisfy every request in the security sector. We take care of armoring both private cars and industrial vehicles for the transport of valuables and money, all while always respecting the specific regulations of use of the vehicle, in force in every state.

We also carry out armor of special vehicles for the transport of troops, counter-terrorism teams and for the movement of prisoners. We also provide you with a special department specializing in action on the field.

Whether it is a bulletproof vest or an armored car that doesn’t matter, since the details make the difference, everything will be made with unique features in the world. Customer satisfaction is our goal, which is why we make every vehicle with care and devotion.